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Stumble Steady
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Stumble Steady is an Indie Pop/Alternative act based out of Boca Raton, FL. Chief songwriter and frontman Garrett Kealer dives into themes of strife in the modern world through unorthodox means. By blending Alternative and Indie Pop mixed with elements of Bedroom Pop, Lo-Fi, Folk, and Punk, Stumble Steady creates lush and colorful soundscapes driven forward by relentless rhythms and unforgettable hooks that serve as solid foundations for thought-provoking, observational, and relatable lyrics. Known for their high-energy and participatory shows, they create an inclusive environment that places mental health awareness, equity, acceptance, and cathartic fun on a pedestal. Kealer has performed at events and venues including Sunfest, Undertow Jam, Mizner Park Amphitheater, The Winter NAMM Show, and Culture Room. Stumble Steady released their latest single, "Clear The Way" on November 4, 2022. When not writing, producing, and performing, Kealer brews at Kealer Brewing Company.  



Stumble Steady Music Videos

Stumble Steady Music Videos

Stumble Steady Music Videos
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Stumble Steady - Memory You're After

Stumble Steady - Memory You're After

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Stumble Steady - Transducer

Stumble Steady - Transducer

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Stumble Steady - Don't Need Me

Stumble Steady - Don't Need Me

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"'Reaction' is such a vibrant song and if this is the first time you're listening to Stumble Steady then you're going to love what other tracks they have in store for you."

- It's All Indie

"With such a soothing voice, and elemental guitars, keys, bass, and beats, “Memory You’re After” by Stumble Steady feels like an Indie hit classic geared for the greats." 

- Illustrate Magazine

"‘Don’t Need Me’ is all about vulnerability and authenticity, which Stumble Steady carries off with indie-pop flair. By the end of this track, we feel ready to take on the world."

- Unrecorded


"Unless you hate infectious, hook-ridden indie pop songs, you should definitely check Stumble Steady‘s new EP, starting with Tired. It might have been inspired by how we all feel after one year of pandemic, but listening to this tune will actually inject you with enough energy to keep going throughout your day. Who doesn’t need that on a Monday?" - The Alternative Mixtapes

"‘Coming To An End’ takes you on a different melodic path with a driving strumming guitar. There is an observational feeling to this song that really shines on the verses. When the chorus hits, there is a change in the feeling as his voice is filled with a pleading. There is a serious message woven into this song that you should look out for. Through the catchy movements of the track, you are drawn into a consideration of a relationship and the emotions it brings." - The Other Side Reviews

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