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Kealer Brewing Company

List of Our Medal-Winning Beers

Aright Farmhouse Ale (Saison)

Gold (Coconut Cup 2022)

Silver (Hot & Humid 2021)

Danny Boy (Dessert Stout)

Silver (Commander Saaz 2021)

Bronze (Hot & Humid 2021)

Bronze (Sunshine Challenge 2021)

Frosty Beard (Winter Ale)

Best of Show - Bronze (Coconut Cup 2022)

Gold (Coconut Cup 2022)

Mamma's The Goat (Maibock)

Gold (Commander Saaz 2022)

Silver (Hot & Humid 2022)

Pick of the Patch (Pumpkin Ale)

Best of Show - Silver (Treasure Coast 2021)

Tooth Rotter (Cream Ale with Candy)

Silver (Commander Saaz 2021)

uranutter (Brown Ale)

Silver (Hogtown Brew-off 2022)

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